Festivol 2023: Trevi celebrates extra virgin olive oil. with art, gastronomy and new experiences

In the heart of picturesque Trevi (Pg), fans and lovers of extra virgin olive oil are preparing for a weekend full of flavours, culture and entertainment with the eagerly awaited 17th edition of Festivol. The celebration of the new extra virgin olive oil and its first pressing will take place on 4 and 5 November 2023, transforming the streets and squares into a lively homage to this delicious nectar.


A Unique Experience: Villa Fabri, E.v.o. Oil Pavilion

One of this year’s main novelties is the setting of the 17th-century Villa Fabri, transformed into a sumptuous ‘Oil Pavilion’. Here, enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a wide range of extra virgin olive oil-related experiences. On the upper floor, the enchanting Mostra Mercato dell’Olio e.v.o. will welcome producers not only from Trevi but also from other locations along the Assisi – Spoleto olive oil belt. A unique opportunity for connoisseurs to taste oils from different municipalities.

Learning and Tasting: A Synergy of Flavours and Knowledge

The Villa will also host a series of Masterclasses on oil, held by industry experts such as Angela Canale, panel head, and Gianfranco Ciarletti, lecturer and Assosommelier taster. Through these lessons, guests will have the opportunity to explore the subtle nuances of various oils and learn from the stories behind them. The Cooking Shows with Olive Oil, led by renowned chefs Lorenzo Cantoni and Nicoletta Franceschini, will offer the sensory experience of tasting dishes masterfully created using extra virgin olive oil.


Art, Music and Taste: A Combination of Emotions

In addition to tastings and lectures, Festivol will offer an artistic calendar of concerts in various locations, transforming the experience into an engaging multi-sensory journey. Musical performances will enliven the Villa and the evocative Piazza Mazzini, adding a touch of charm and entertainment.


Discovering Manciano: Discovering New Horizons

One of this year’s big surprises is the inclusion of Manciano, the picturesque mountain hamlet of Trevi. Here, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to participate in an ‘Oil Festival’, which can be reached via an evocative e-bike or car trek. The programme includes a visit to the oil mill and the Green Heart Distillery, providing an immersive experience in nature, among olive groves, woods and chestnut groves. The day will culminate with a visit to the pretty Romanesque church of San Martino and a well-deserved snack of new oil and wine.


An Unforgettable Weekend for Oil Lovers

Festivol 2023 promises to be an unprecedented event, a unique opportunity to discover, savour and appreciate extra virgin olive oil in all its facets. With a combination of sensory, cultural and gastronomic experiences, Trevi is preparing to welcome guests to a weekend that promises to remain impressed in the hearts and palates of anyone with a passion for this precious liquid.


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