Oro di Spello

L’Oro di Spello Olive and Bruschetta Festival: 60 Years of Taste and Tradition

In the heart of Umbria, amidst the evocative alleys of the village of Spello, from 19 to 21 November, the spotlights will be turned on to celebrate an authentic culinary jewel: olive oil, the guardian of history, culture and tradition that for sixty years has found its most authentic expression in the Festa dell’Olivo e della Bruschetta, better known as the Oro di Spello (Spello Gold).

This event, now in its 60th year, is much more than a simple gastronomic event. It is a hymn to the passion for the land and the dedication of the inhabitants of Spello in preserving a heritage that transcends mere flavour, embracing the deep connection with local history.

The red thread that weaves the fabric of this festival is the precious extra virgin olive oil, the beating soul of a millenary tradition that finds its greatest expression in the picturesque Carri della Frasca (Crash Carts). These fascinating agricultural carts, parading through the streets of the historic centre, are not only a riot of colours and scents but a living homage to an olive tree enriched with cold meats, cheeses and fruit. A homage that, with a flavour of authenticity, is handed down from generation to generation.

The event, promoted under the patronage of the Municipality of Spello and the collaboration of the Pro Loco Spello, is distinguished by its commitment to the protection of public health, a fundamental element that has taken on a crucial role in recent times

The flavours of Spello’s Gold will spread throughout the city, with Bruschetta Points set up in various suggestive corners and a market selling typical products from Monte Subasio in the atrium of the Volta. The Town Hall will host an exciting exhibition curated by the Circolo Cine Foto Amatori Hispellum, a photographic dive into the last sixty years of the history of the Bruschetta Festival.


The Oro di Spello is not just a gastronomic event, but an authentic celebration of the passion, history and culture that make this Umbrian village unique. In every flavour, in every gesture, is reflected the soul of a community that, with love and dedication, hands down from generation to generation its most precious treasure: the Oro di Spello.


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