FRANTOTIPICO: Celebrating the Excellence of D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Castel Ritaldi

In the heart of the picturesque Umbrian hills lies a hidden gem: the village of Colle del Marchese, a place that enchants the eyes and delights the palate. Here, the Municipal Administration of Castel Ritaldi has given life to an extraordinary event – the FRANTOTIPICO – an event that aims to celebrate the excellence and typicality of the territory, with a special focus on D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil, the authentic pride of local agro-food production.

The setting of Colle del Marchese, like an evocative postcard framed by lush olive groves, offers the perfect backdrop for this celebration. In these lands, surrounded by hectares of fruit trees, three oil mills stand proudly, authentic guardians of the tradition and art of extra virgin olive oil production.

The FRANTOTIPICO event, which has grown year after year, attracts not only locals but also a steady stream of visitors eager to discover the wonders of the area. The natural beauty of the landscape blends with the authenticity of the product, creating an irresistible attraction for lovers of nature and good food.

What makes this event unique is the opportunity offered to visitors to immerse themselves in the various stages of olive processing. From the ancient tradition of olive harvesting to milling, from extraction to final tasting, participants can experience first-hand the path that leads to the creation of this delicious nectar.

The vibrant and engaging atmosphere of FRANTOTIPICO is not limited to tasting, but also extends to cultural events, exhibitions and workshops that delve into the thousand-year history of this art and highlight the constant commitment to preserving and improving the production of such a precious oil.

This celebration not only highlights the excellence of D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil, but also underlines the importance of preserving local traditions and the surrounding environment. Castel Ritaldi thus becomes a popular destination for tourists, an essential stop for those wishing to explore a perfect combination of tradition, taste and natural beauty.

The FRANTOTIPICO thus proves to be not only an outstanding food and wine event, but an experience that embraces the soul of a territory and transmits it to its visitors, giving them indelible memories and a deeper appreciation for the wonders that nature and tradition can offer.


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