Frantoi Aperti

Frantoi Aperti: The Green Heart of Umbria Celebrates the New Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From 28 October to 26 November 2023, the landscape of Umbria comes alive with the 26th edition of Frantoi Aperti, a long-awaited celebration that welcomes the arrival of the new extra virgin olive oil, involving a series of enchanting Umbrian villages. This event, which has gained recognition as a symbol of oil tourism in Italy, offers visitors an immersive experience inside the oil mills, allowing them to witness the production of the new oil.


Immersive experiences

Frantoi Aperti allows participants to discover the production process of extra virgin olive oil, offering an authentic experience in working mills. These places, rooted in tradition, have evolved to embrace innovative designs and show an increasing focus on hospitality, which is particularly expressed during this festival.

Novelties and Special Events

This year’s novelties include opening events such as ‘La Grande Pedalata Lungo la Fascia Olivata dei Colli Assisi – Spoleto’, an e-bike oil tourism itinerary along breathtaking landscapes that celebrate the integration of olive growing into the natural environment.

Another highlight is the ‘Tour of the Giant Patriarch Olive Trees in the Typical Amerino Territory’, an itinerary connecting iconic places linked to the culture of extra virgin olive oil, allowing the visit of symbolic sites such as the hill of centuries-old olive trees Rajo di Montecampano in Amelia and the world collection of olive trees ‘Olea Mundi’ in Lugnano in Teverina.

In addition, to involve the youngest, walks are organised for children among fairy tales, olive trees and olive presses, accompanied by the ‘CamminAttrice’ Loretta Bonamente, who will tell stories about trees, olive trees and oil, followed by visits to the circuit’s olive presses and a snack of freshly pressed bread and oil.

Weekends of Experiences

The five weekends of Frantoi Aperti will offer a varied programme that goes beyond the production of oil, proposing experiential activities such as nature walks, trekking, artistic itineraries, visits to Umbrian medieval villages and a journey of discovery of Umbria’s rich food and wine heritage. There will also be space for musical and recreational entertainment.


#CHIAVEUMBRA | IN NATURE – Artistic Expressions in the Olive Grove Landscape

Another significant event will be #CHIAVEUMBRA | IN NATURE, an initiative focusing on contemporary art that explores the Umbrian territory, nature and the relationship between man and the environment, offering a creative interpretation of the olive-growing context.



Unique Music Festivals

The event is enriched with a unique artistic and cultural offering, involving some of the magnificent Abbeys immersed in the Umbrian olive groves. This edition will be distinguished by two special musical mini-reviews: ‘Music in the Abbeys’ and ‘Sounds from the Secular Olive Trees’.

The “Music in the Abbeys” review will feature exclusive concerts in evocative locations such as the Abbey of Sassovivo in Foligno, the Abbey of San Felice in Giano dell’Umbria, and the Abbey of Santissima Annunziata in Amelia. In parallel, ‘Suoni dagli ulivi secolari’ will focus on the link between music and olive trees, offering concerts in the vicinity of these natural monuments, in settings evocative of Umbrian olive growing.


Artistic and Cultural Connection Experiences

These artistic and cultural initiatives will be interconnected by shuttle buses, guided walks and e-bike tours. These routes will connect the olive groves to villages and cities of art with a strong olive-growing tradition. These places will host festivals to celebrate the olive harvest and pressing, exhibitions of local food and wine products, concerts, musical performances, guided tours of historic centres, and much more.


Involvement of Families and Younger Children

The event will be inclusive, with initiatives designed to involve children and families. Specially designed activities will be offered to create an engaging experience for all ages.


Culinaria and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Over the five weekends of Frantoi Aperti, chefs from the ‘Umbrian #EVOOAmbassadors – Witnesses of Unique Oils’ network, selected by the Strada dell’olio e.v.o. DOP Umbria, will create special menus in their restaurants. These menus, which will feature land and lake dishes, will be carefully paired with the high quality extra virgin oils produced by the participants of Frantoi Aperti 2023.


Frantoi Aperti in Umbria will not only be an occasion to celebrate the production of quality extra virgin olive oil, but will also turn into a true cultural and gastronomic festival involving the Umbrian territory in all its beauty and authenticity. This celebration of local traditions and art, combined with culinary excellence and the importance of extra virgin olive oil, will make the event an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Frantoi Aperti, in addition to celebrating tradition and the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil, is confirmed as an engaging and multifaceted experience that promotes the Umbrian territory in all its beauty and authenticity.


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