Fiera dei Morti

Fair of the Dead. History and Innovation come together at the Fair of the Dead in Perugia

In the evocative atmosphere of the Fair of the Dead, held annually from 1 to 5 November, the city of Perugia dresses up to welcome visitors and more than 500 traders among the stalls located both at Pian di Massiano and in the historic centre.

This event, rooted in a long tradition and promoted by the Department of Commerce of the Municipality of Perugia, represents one of the most significant moments for the city and the entire region of Central Italy. Clara Pastorelli, the Councillor for Commerce, emphasises the importance of this exhibition that offers visitors a wide range of products, from clothing to household items, from handicrafts to gastronomy.

What makes this fair a unique event is the presence of typical products from different Italian regions and high-quality handicrafts from Perugia’s twin cities. It is an opportunity not only to celebrate local traditions but also to foster cultural and commercial exchange between different realities.

In addition, the Municipality of Perugia embraced innovation, introducing a digital support service for the fair. A virtual map, the result of collaboration between the Municipality’s Office for Trade in Public Areas and National Civil Service volunteers, was created to facilitate visitors and traders. This map allows the exact location of the participants’ stands and offers the possibility to access the operators’ websites or e-commerce activities, providing detailed information on products and contacts.

The participation of the traders, who provided their data via PEC for the creation of the map, demonstrates their enthusiasm and commitment to making this experience not only traditional but also cutting-edge.

In addition to the commercial aspect, the fair is enriched with a historical testimony through a video produced by the Culture Office, which narrates the history and evolution of the Fair of the Dead in Perugia.

With its mix of tradition, innovation and the variety of products on offer, the Fair of the Dead in Perugia continues to be a not-to-be-missed event for visitors and a springboard for the enhancement of local craftsmanship and commerce in the national context.this experience is not only traditional but also cutting-edge.


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