Scheggino: chronicles of history and stones

Scheggino is a picturesque municipality known for its natural beauty and unique culinary traditions. Its history is rooted in the Middle Ages and preserves a fascinating atmosphere and rich cultural heritage.

A journey through the treasures of Scheggino

Borgo di Scheggino: The village itself, with its narrow streets, stone houses and medieval atmosphere, is a place worth exploring on foot.


Bridge over the Nera River: Scheggino is famous for its bridge crossing the Nera River. This ancient stone bridge offers a spectacular view of the river and the surrounding natural beauty.


Church of San Giovanni Battista: this historic church, with its fascinating architecture and interior frescoes, is an important site for art and history lovers.

The Urbani Truffle Museum is a truly engaging and fascinating experience that offers a journey through the history, culture and industry related to the truffle, as well as to the Urbani family, which played a significant role in the promotion and dissemination of this prized mushroom.


The museum's location in the building that was once the first Urbani factory adds a historical and authentic dimension to the experience. The opportunity to explore the history of the family through photographs, working tools and memorabilia associated with the research, processing, preservation and dissemination of truffles offers visitors a deep and concrete immersion into this fascinating world.
The prospect of not only celebrating the truffle as a symbol of territorial identity, but also as an icon of "Made in Italy" made famous by the Urbani Tartufi brand internationally, makes the museum a place of cultural and historical interest.


The possibility of purchasing fresh truffles, related products and souvenir items through the in-house boutique adds tangible value to the museum experience, allowing visitors to take home a taste of this culture and tradition.
For fans of truffles, local history or food and wine, the Urbani Truffle Museum in Scheggino appears to be an essential stop to understand and fully experience the universe of this extraordinary mushroom and the legacy of the Urbani family.

Nera River Park: Scheggino's surroundings offer an abundance of natural beauty, and the Nera River Park is a perfect place for excursions, walks and outdoor activities along the Nera River.

Sentiero delle Ferriere: a hiking trail that leads through forests and breathtaking scenery. It is an excellent opportunity for trekkers and nature lovers to explore the surrounding environment.
Scheggino is surrounded by unspoilt nature and offers lovers of hiking, history and scenic beauty numerous opportunities to explore and appreciate its wonders.
With its unique combination of natural beauty, history, culture and authenticity, it offers a complete and memorable experience for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in the beauty and traditions of Umbria.