An Emotional Journey among the Stones of Spirituality and Ancient Splendours


Near Foligno, amidst woods of holm oaks and centuries-old olive trees, stands majestically the Abbey of Santa Croce in Sassovivo, a historical-artistic jewel wrapped in an idyllic natural landscape. Founded in the second half of the 12th century on the remains of a fortified Monaldi residence, this extraordinary monument offers a fascinating immersion in the past, a fusion of spirituality, history and art.

The Charm of the Past

The Abbey Church, custodian of fragments of 15th-century frescoes, tells ancient stories and mysteries whispered from the walls. Walking through the naves is a journey through time, an experience that connects the present with past eras.

In the Silence of the Crypt

Descending into the Crypt of St. Maron, a 4th century Syro-Babylonian hermit, one finds oneself enveloped in mysticism and spirituality. The walls speak of devotion and centuries-old silence, providing a unique atmosphere, charged with emotion.

The Harmony of the Cloister

The Romanesque cloister, a masterpiece by maestro Pietro de Maria, reveals itself as a living work of art. The small columns and arches, embraced by an ethereal light, create an atmosphere of serenity and contemplation.

The Loggia of Paradise

Among the treasures of the Abbey is the Loggia del Paradiso, embellished with fragments of monochrome frescoes attributed to the talent of Giovanni di Corraduccio. Here, art merges with spirituality in a silent but powerful dialogue.

Sassovivo is not just a place, but an experience that nourishes the soul. Every stone tells a story, every fresco speaks of a nuanced past. In this treasure chest of art and spirituality, time seems to dilate, allowing visitors to connect with the eternal beauty of a place that is more than just an abbey: it is an emotional journey through the centuries.