The Sanctuary of the Madonna of Tears in Trevi: A Religious and Tourist Treasure


In the heart of enchanting Trevi, overlooking the beautiful Umbrian Valley, stands the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Lacrime, a place steeped in history, devotion and architectural beauty. This sanctuary, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, has deep roots stretching back over the centuries.

Origins and History

The history of the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Tears dates back to 1489 when, according to tradition, an icon of the Madonna, located in a small local church, shed tears. This extraordinary event was interpreted as a divine sign, and devotion to the Madonna of Tears began to spread rapidly. Over the centuries, the shrine was enlarged and renovated, becoming a landmark for the faithful and pilgrims.

Extraordinary Works of Art

Inside the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Tears, artistic beauty is combined with religious devotion. Numerous chapels adorn the structure, and among the most significant is the second chapel on the right wall of the nave, decorated by maestro Pietro Vannucci, the Perugino. This work, created in 1521, represents a masterpiece of the Adoration of the Magi. The Adoration of the Magi, reinterpreted by the Umbrian painter, conveys a sense of divinity and reverence. The composition testifies to Perugino's mastery in creating works of great emotional and spiritual impact.

A Combination of Faith and Beauty

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Tears in Trevi is a place where faith and art come together, creating a unique experience for visitors. Its ancient origins, persistent devotion and extraordinary works of art make this sanctuary a unique jewel in Umbria and a must-see for those seeking the connection between the divine and the human.