Perugia: Discovering the City of the Gryphon

Perugia, situated on the border between the ancient Etruscan and Umbrian peoples, is a city with an ancient history that offers a rich array of historical, cultural and culinary attractions. Founded on Etruscan roots and enriched over the centuries by various influences, Perugia is a treasure trove of monuments and traditions that make a visit to this city an unforgettable experience.

History and Monuments

Perugia's roots go back to antiquity, with settlements dating back more than two millennia.The city boasts a varied historical heritage, evident in the monuments that bear witness to the past.
Prominent among these is Piazza IV Novembre, the beating heart of Perugia, which houses the Fontana Maggiore, a symbol of medieval majesty. The Cathedral of San Lorenzo, with its striking façade and frescoed interior, is another architectural jewel of the city. The Aqueduct, a fascinating ancient piece of engineering, now transformed into a picturesque elevated walkway, offers a unique promenade with breathtaking views.
The Rocca Paolina, erected as a papal fortress, is a symbol of authority and power. Equally fascinating is the Pozzo Etrusco, an incredible hydraulic work that stretches 37 metres underground, testimony to the engineering skills of the ancient inhabitants.

Traditions and Events

Perugia is renowned for events and fairs that attract national and international attention.Umbria Jazz is a famous festival that attracts musicians and fans from all over the world, while Eurochocolate is a paradise for chocolate lovers.


Perugia's cuisine boasts a rich and varied culinary tradition.
Truffles, both black and white, are a protagonist in many local dishes. Strangozzi, a typical pasta, and quality cold cuts accompanied by the famous torta al testo are just some of the culinary delights on offer. Traditional dishes such as palombaccio alla perugina, pigeon alla ghiotta and desserts such as Brustengolo further enrich the city's gastronomic offerings.

Perugia is a city that enchants with its history, striking monuments and culinary tradition. Its cultural events and traditional festivals contribute to an engaging and unforgettable visiting experience. With a unique combination of antiquity and modernity, Perugia stands out as a must-visit destination for lovers of history, culture and good food.