Exploring the Hidden Wonders of Pale di Foligno: Art, Nature and Culture in an Ancient Village

Nestled in the green valleys just 10 km from Foligno, the tiny village of Pale holds an extraordinary historical and natural heritage waiting to be discovered. This picturesque location, nestled on the slopes of Mount Pale, offers a fascinating journey through history, art and natural beauty.

Paper Heritage and The Divine Comedy

The history of Pale is intimately linked to the waters of the Menotre River. This abundance of water has made Pale a renowned centre in the paper industry. The first signs of quality paper production date back to the early 1300s. It was thanks to Pale that the first edition of The Divine Comedy was printed in 1472 in Foligno. Although paper production has gradually lost importance, evidence of this activity can still be found in the village.

Enchanting Waterfalls and Nature Trails

The Menotre River is the creator of a spectacular scenery of waterfalls, ravines and natural lakes, which can be explored by following well-marked nature trails. A winding path, embraced by vegetation, allows you to admire the rapids and waterfalls, giving Pale a unique and fascinating atmosphere.

The Hermitage of Saint Mary Jacob: An Oasis of Spirituality and Art

Dating back to the 13th century, the Hermitage of Santa Maria Giacobbe is built next to a pre-existing natural cave and was a pilgrimage destination thanks to its internal cistern, which once collected water considered miraculous.Although the spring is exhausted, the structure retains its mystical aura. The frescoes inside the chapel, dating from different eras, offer a unique insight into past historical periods.

This village, with its historical evidence, natural wonders and timeless charm, is a hidden gem to explore.

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Abbadessa Caves: A Unique Underground Journey

From the enchanting centre of Pale, it is possible to book a visit to the Abbadessa Caves. Equipped with torches and helmets, visitors can explore these natural caves through narrow passages, admiring unique stalactites and stalagmites. In particular, a majestic lion-shaped stalagmite in the smallest room offers a spectacle of rare beauty. Visits to the Abbadessa caves can be booked on the official Pale di Foligno website.



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