Nocera Umbra: Journey through History, Taste and Rebirth


In the heart of Umbria, nestled on the slopes of the majestic Mount Subasio, Nocera Umbra rises like a phoenix, rising with elegance after every calamity. Through its ancient streets and renowned mineral water springs, this town has a rich past and a present vibrant with culture. In this article, we explore the enchanting Nocera through the fascinating details of its history, the gastronomic delights it offers and its tourist revival.

A Phoenix in the Umbrian Hills

Nocera Umbra, with its roots going back to antiquity, has gone through centuries of destruction and reconstruction. From the Umbrian peoples to the Roman Empire, from the Goths to the Lombards, the city has endured the trials of time. Struck by earthquakes and looting, Nocera has always been able to rise again, preserving its identity and beauty. The 1997 earthquake marked another chapter in its history, but the tenacity of the community has restored Nocera to its former glory, so much so that in 2021 it will be recognised as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy.

The Charm of Nocera's Waters

Ever since the Renaissance, the springs of Nocera have been celebrated for the extraordinary quality of their waters. From Francesco Redi, a famous 17th century scientist, to their exportation all over the world, the curative properties of these waters have become legendary. Today, the springs of Nocera continue to pour out their precious liquid, offering visitors a unique and refreshing experience. Redi's phrase, engraved at the Porta Vecchia, becomes a captivating invitation to bathe in Nocera's beneficial waters.

Nocera Gastronomy: A Journey of the Senses

Nocera's cuisine is a riot of authentic flavours linked to Umbrian traditions. The local dishes, prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients, tell stories of ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation. From artisanal cured meats to fresh pasta, from typical cheeses to fine wines, Nocera invites visitors on an unforgettable culinary journey. The town's restaurants offer a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, ready to satisfy every palate.

Culture and Renaissance

In addition to its thousand-year history and rich food and wine, Nocera Umbra also offers a lively cultural scene. Museums, artistic events and local festivals enliven the village, offering visitors an authentic immersion in Nocera life. After the 1997 earthquake, the reconstruction process transformed Nocera into a welcoming tourist hub, where the combination of ancient and modern creates a unique and fascinating atmosphere.

Encompassing history, taste and rebirth, Nocera Umbra presents itself as a hidden treasure ready to be discovered. A journey through its cobbled streets offers emotions that go beyond a simple tourist tour, immersing visitors in a world of past, present and future. With its troubled history and indomitable spirit, Nocera invites anyone to savour the magic of this Umbrian pearl.