Cannara: an enchanting journey through history, culture and gastronomy.

History and Culture - Ancient Origins

Cannara's origins date back to Etruscan and Roman times. Its name may derive from the Latin 'Canina Ara' (Canina's altar), referring to an ancient goddess or sacred area.

The city walls. The historical walls of Cannara, although partially preserved, offer a testimony to its medieval history. A walk along these walls allows one to admire the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Church of San Giovanni Battista: this church is one of Cannara's main attractions. It is known for its frescoes and historical architecture.

Church of San Biagio: another historical church to visit to admire the architecture and artistic elements.

Onion Museum: you may find interesting this museum that celebrates the culture and history of onion production in Cannara.

Piazza San Matteo: a picturesque square in the historical centre where you can admire the local architecture and perhaps take a break to enjoy a coffee.

Tugurio di San Francesco: this is a place of great historical interest linked to St Francis of Assisi, known for its connection with nature and ecology.

The Umbrian Countryside

Cannara is immersed in the beautiful Umbrian countryside. The rural landscapes, vineyards and olive groves offer a unique experience for those who love nature and tranquillity.

Food and Cuisine: the Onion Festival

Cannara's local cuisine offers unique culinary delights. Traditional dishes, often onion-based, offer authentic and delicious flavours to enjoy during your visit. From pasta dishes to soups to sweet delicacies, the gastronomic experience in this town is unforgettable.

The Onion Festival is an annual event usually held in September, during which the town celebrates the importance and goodness of local onions. The event includes food stalls with traditional onion dishes, performances, music and other activities related to this culinary celebration. It is recommended to check the specific dates for the Onion Festival in order to participate during your stay in Cannara.

Cannara offers an authentic and fascinating experience, a journey into the past with a touch of contemporary authenticity. Its history, culture, traditional events and enchanting landscapes make it an unmissable place for those wishing to explore authentic Umbria.