Bevagna: immersing yourself in history

In the heart of Umbria, an Italian region rich in history and traditions, lies the picturesque town of Bevagna. This fascinating place is famous for its deep historical roots and unique traditions, in particular the annual event known as 'Le Gaite'. Its origins date back to Roman times, when it was known as "Mevania." Remains of this ancient civilisation can still be seen in the town's streets, including the well-preserved Roman Theatre. In the Middle Ages, Bevagna was an important trading centre and, today, its medieval streets and picturesque squares transport visitors back in time.

Le Gaite: a festival of traditions

One of Bevagna's most iconic events is undoubtedly 'Le Gaite,' a medieval festival held every June. During this festival, the historic centre of Bevagna is transformed into a veritable medieval village, with the city's quarters competing in various contests to demonstrate their skills in crafts, gastronomy and traditional games. The four gaite, or quarters, are Vallestretta, San Giorgio, San Giovanni, and Santa Maria. Each district is dedicated to medieval handicrafts, producing objects and tools such as candles, jewellery, ceramics and traditional textiles. Visitors can watch live demonstrations and buy products made by the craftsmen of the time.

Medieval Games

Competitions between neighbourhoods include medieval games such as archery, barrel throwing and other tests of dexterity. These games not only recreate the atmosphere of the era, but also unite the community in a spirit of friendly competition.

A unique experience

The Gaite di Bevagna is a unique experience for visitors wishing to immerse themselves in the history and traditions of this fascinating Umbrian town. It offers an extraordinary opportunity to travel back in time and discover mediaeval Umbria in all its splendour.t attend live demonstrations and purchase products made by the craftsmen of the period.